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At Peace Of Mind Home Inspections believe that everyone deserves a great home inspection. We've been told by our clients that they've never seen a home inspection with such organization and detail. It ultimately comes down to providing you with a professional service that gives you piece of mind after your closing. So each one of our home inspections includes the following:

Infrared Camera Inspection

Infrared Cameras are cutting edge tools in home inspections. It could help make the difference between seeing hidden moisture or basement leaks before you are on the hook for thousands of dollars in repairs.

Our Inspectors can also use the camera to spot a wide range of other issues from overheating wiring that could start a fire to ways to sealing out cold air drafts to keep your new house warmer in the winter.

We offer Infrared Camera Scanning for FREE as part of our standard inspection.

This is used on the basement, attic, bathroom and kitchen to scan for moisture levels and leaks that are not visible to the naked eye. Less than 10% of home inspectors invest in infrared technology. Our InfraRed Cameras can help us find leaks, moisture and hidden issues to give you more information than a standard home inspection.

Electronic Moisture Meter Testing

Instead of just testing visible water stains, we sample the basement to determine possible or hidden wet areas. We also offer insurance moisture damage services to make sure the affected area is ready for repairs.

Preliminary Carbon Monoxide Reading

As a courtesy to the safety of our customers and families, we provide an informal Carbon Monoxide Reading for your awareness. *Please see below for additional testing that can be done.

Inspection Report and Digital Photos

Our reports have hundreds of color photos and are typically 28 to 60 pages long. They also provide a summery section to help your realtor quickly identify things that are marginal or defective. This way they can identify systems that are recommended for evaluated by a professional or better negotiate what should be fixed by the sellers.

List of Preferred Vendors

Should there be any issue that you want fixed, we offer our list of preferred vendors (upon request) that we have worked with and highly recommend.
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*Professional Carbon Monoxide Testing is a longer process than the informal preliminary reading that we provide. A Heating and Cooling company can perform a professional test where variables can be tightly controlled for the most accurate reading. Please see our preferred vendor list for a recommendation.

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